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 Municipal Office
Obecní úřad Mikulov
Tržní nám. 27, 419 01 Mikulov
Czech Republic

 Tel. +420 417 878 003
 E-mail: obec.mikulov@volny.cz

 Monday   7-12 am. 1-5 pm.
 Wednesday   7-12 am 1-5 pm
 Thursday  7-12 am.

 Phone numbers

 Police 158
 Municipal police 156
 Ambulance 155
 Fire department 150
 Rescue 112

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Small town Mikulov is located in a valley of the Krusne Moutains' cca 15km from Teplice. Mikulov is mentioned for the first time at the begining of the 15th century when the discovery of silver occurred. After a time, they discovery of silver was confirmed and therefore began the rapid development of the town of Mikulov into a mining city such as Cinovec and Krupka. Today, Mikulov´s mining days are in the past and the town, especially during the winter has developed into a top tourist destination for skiers and snowboarders using the hillslopes of Bournak. In the summer Mikulov offers many possibilities of accommodation and there is wide area of recreational houses too. Due to the moutain location of Mikulov resort we have excellent access to the beautiful forested hillslopes of the Krusne Moutains making it an ideal destination for walking and cycling holidays. We are well located for easy access to Germany and the following websites will give you an in-depth insight to the local information and history around the Mikulov region. We hope you will visit us soon.
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